• Address :Agora Bogotá, Centro de Convenciones, Bogota, Colombia
  • Date & Time :15 - 16 May 10:00AM - 6:00PM
Who we are
Money Expo Colombia 2024, a premier gathering uniting Traders, Introducing Brokers, Investors, Financial Institutions, and Brokers within the dynamic Trading and Investing Community. Our event serves as a pivotal platform where professionals come together to foster connections, establish meaningful relationships, and stay abreast of the latest market trends and financial insights. The event not only provides a unique networking opportunity but also facilitates interactions with industry-leading service providers, fostering the enhancement of skills, knowledge, and investment strategies.

Money Expo Colombia features a showcase of top brands in the field, offering their products and services in one convenient location. It is a prime opportunity to discover the world's foremost financial brands.


Attendees can expand their knowledge of the financial industry, including US stocks, commodities, metals, and other online trading products, through educational sessions led by speakers and industry experts at Money Expo Colombia.


Money Expo Colombia provides a platform for attendees to engage in networking activities and make meaningful connections within the financial industry. This can encompass one-on-one meetings and business discussions with potential clients, partners, and investors, as well as panel discussions and workshops. These sessions feature industry experts sharing their insights and expertise on current market trends and best practices.

Financial Brokers
Why to attend

Money Expo Colombia offers a unique platform for individuals to not only expand their professional network but also to enhance their knowledge and stay at the forefront of the dynamic financial industry.

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Insights into Fintech
  • Stay Informed
  • Engage with Experts
  • Topical Workshops
  • Connect with Market Leaders
Why to Exhibit

Exhibiting at Money Expo Colombia provides the opportunity to connect with over 3,000 attendees, including Financial Brokers, Investors, Traders, Introducing Brokers, Affiliates and B2B technology providers who are driving the market.

  • This is a chance to showcase your company’s products and services
  • Meet potential clients and investors in-person
  • Receive recognition for your achievements
  • Reach a broad audience from across the Financial industry.

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Our Speakers

Michel Lapa Talaverano

Gerente Comercial

MFX Broker

Soy Licenciado en Economía en la universidad de Santo Tomas Chile y gestor de portafolio con amplia experiencia en reconocidos brokers como Ameritrade, J.P. Morgan y E-Trade. Especializado en trading y analisis tecnico, tengo una certificación por Washington Capital en Peru y soy experto certificado en Elliott Wave Theory III por Ruarte Reports en México. Además, poseo una especialización en Derivados Financieros por CBOE Chicago y estoy certificado con el CEWA III, destacando mi capacidad para el analisis de mercado y la implementación de estrategias de inversion avanzadas. Mi carrera tambien incluye roles como analista de inversiones y especialista en Administración de Portafolio en la Bolsa de Valores de Lima, donde he desarrollado y ejecutado estrategias efectivas para maximizar el rendimiento de los portafolios bajo mi gestion.

Washington Lopez

C.E.O Washington Capital

Washington Lopez is a Senior Financial Analyst and CEO of the Washington Capital Family Office in Peru. Digest newspaper columnist. He expected gold and bitcoin to rally in past conferences

Stephany Rojas



Experienced professional in Brokerage, Bridge, prop firms and the creation of Financial companies, specializing in offshore and financial licenses. As a Main Label, Operational, and Financial Risk Manager, Dealer, Marketing and Projection Advisor, Financial Advisor, and Capital Manager, I bring a wealth of expertise in Trading Analysis and Content Creation.

A Colombian Master’s in Finance and Stock Markets and Business Administration professional with advanced education in High-Frequency Trading, senior management, and project management. I’ve served as Operations Director in financial companies, exhibiting dynamic leadership and extensive experience. My international background includes representing and creating innovative projects, along with being an international speaker in personal finance, investment management, and business portfolio diversification.

Delia Claudia Bercea

CEO and Co-Founder LATAM


Delia Claudia Bercea is a seasoned finance professional with a strong background in investment banking and asset management. With a keen eye for market trends and strategic investments, she has successfully navigated complex financial landscapes, delivering impressive results for clients and organizations. Bercea’s expertise and leadership have earned her respect in the finance industry.

Andres Jimenez



Professional in international finance. He is the co-founder of Swiset and various fintech startups that drive returns for more than 70,000 traders and investors in nearly 150 countries around the world. He has more than 8 years of experience in the financial market. Former stockbroker and champion of the “bolsa millonaria” tournament held by the Colombian stock exchange.
Expert in personal finance, investments, fintech and blockchain ecosystem enthusiast

Felipe Mendoza

Analista de mercados


Trader con 10 años de experiencia en el sector de las inversiones y los mercados financieros; especialista en la gestión de mesas de capital y creación de estrategias de portafolios de inversión sectorizados. Operador con enfoque en el trading de CFDs, futuros y opciones financieras con lectura de herramientas avanzadas, plataformas de volumen y lectura de flujo de órdenes.
Mentor de traders y gestores de capital desde hace 5 años para la operativa retail y corporativa.

Enrique Bazaldua

Analista de mercados


Mi carrera como trader comenzó en 2019 comprando y manteniendo Cryptos y Acciones. Después de pasar horas estudiando, en 2020 empecé a operar derivados y al mismo tiempo empecé a producir contenido para los medios sociales sobre los mercados, a continuación, entre 2020 y 2021 tuve la oportunidad de ser un trader de un fondo de cobertura, la operación de carteras de más de 200k USD y ahora soy un analista de mercado y embajador de medios sociales para ATFX.

Tim Furey

CEO and Founder

Tradeview Markets

Tim Furey, CEO and founder of Tradeview Markets, has built a remarkable 27-year
career from the ground up. Starting at Merrill Lynch Futures, progressing as a Chicago
Board of Trade Floor Trader, and finally creating Tradeview LTD, Tim’s visionary
leadership continues to drive innovative trading solutions and opportunities in the

Ivan Rojas

Head of Latam


Ivan Rojas is the International Sales Director for Nelogica’s – Black Arrow Platform. With almost 20 years of experience in the FX Industry, Ivan Rojas has led several projects in the region setting up sales, support, onboarding and marketing teams for several brokers, white labels and prop firms in Latam. Ivan holds an undergrad degree in Finance & Investments from Baruch College – New York and a Masters degree in Business Analytics from ESADE – Barcelona

Marcela Aguillon

Deputy Director of Trading Technology

Tradeview Markets

Marcela Aguillon is a trading professional with six years of experience in the industry. She started her career as a developer, working with programming languages such as C++ and C#. Marcela has expertise in configuration, management and maintenance of trading platforms, as well as knowledge of APIs for application development, gateways, bridges, server deployment and maintenance. She is passionate about creating innovative solutions for the trading sector and enhancing her skills in this dynamic field.

Carlos Ladino

Director of Trading Technology

Tradeview Markets

Carlos Ladino is a fintech engineer at Tradeview since 2017. His expertise covers algorithmic trading, financial order routing, FIX protocol engines, cryptocurrency APIs, and market data software. Carlos has actively contributed to trading strategy development, quantitative analysis, risk assessment, and liquidity solutions, fostering his in-depth experience in these areas. In addition to his fintech experience, Carlos has a background in technology for futures and stocks trading. He has also applied his technological skills in the field of aviation electronics. Currently, as the Director of Trading Technology at Tradeview, Carlos leads a global IT team, committed to delivering cutting-edge, low-latency solutions. His primary focus is on enhancing their proprietary technology, addressing client needs, and providing practical solutions for an enhanced trading experience.

Shah Mohammad

Business Development Manager

Trading PRO International Ltd

Shah has been carrying on with his passion for FX markets and trading since 2016. He is specializes in Andrew’s Pitchfork technical analysis blends it with inter-market correlations and fundamental analysis. Shah joined into brokerage firm in July 2018 as Market Analyst, his remarkable foresight during Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 precisely foretold market movements in FX, Commodities and Bitcoin.

Nimrod Alatorre

Regional Head of Business Development Latam

Windsor Brokers

“He is an economist and communication expert with more than 12 years of experience in trading and managing different investment funds. He has collaborated with various financial media outlets, providing his knowledge and expertise in the industry. His passion for economics and finance has enabled him to become a successful trader and a successful fund manager during the last years.”

Bran Desalcedo



Trader experimentado, Empresario y educador Short bio: Empresario, Trader y educador con mas de 8 años de experiencia en los mercados financieros brinda mucha facilidad para entender los mercados a travez de la matemática y probabilidad.

Erika Janet Vazquez Huerta

Lic. En Administracion De Empresas

Axen Broker

Erika Huerta, trader profesional con 4 anos de experiencia y 30 anos de edad, actualmente se desempena como Trading manager en Axen Broker, autora del libro I LOVE TRADING con el cual ha ayudado a cientos de personas a entender el trading desde una forma mas simple y dinamica, manteniendo la firme idea de que el trading es posible para todo aquel que asi decide que sea.

Javier Gonzalez

CFO MultiBank Latam

MultiBank Group

Javier Ernesto González Jiménez (1986, Monterrey, N. L.)
Javier nace en el seno de una familia apasionada por el automovilismo y los negocios, por lo que a los cinco años ya era piloto de carreras, pero con el tiempo, su camino se inclinó por los negocios. A los 25 años, emprendió en colaboración, One Gym Wellness Center, un centro de salud integral, física y nutricional. Más tarde, junto a su esposa, Rossy Gastón, fundó el Instituto Welfare, una escuela del siglo XXI que rompe con los paradigmas tradicionales de la educación en México. En otro rubro y atendiendo su profesión, emprendió con su primo hermano, Jorge González, Lucrum Capital y Multibank LATAM, filial de MultiBank Group, una de las casas de corretaje financiero más grandes del mundo. También fue candidato a la alcaldía y Director de Desarrollo Económico, ambas en el municipio de San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León.

Muhammad Naeem Aslam



“Naeem Aslam is a prominent figure in the finance and investment industry, known for his extensive experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and deep expertise in various domains of finance. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Naeem has successfully launched startups and owns a private equity fund focused on commercial real estate.

With a career spanning over 15 years, Naeem has established himself as a respected voice in the world of finance. He has also served as an ex-Hedge Fund Trader at Bank of New York, showcasing his hands-on experience in managing investments and trading strategies.

As a regular guest at Fox Business and Bloomberg, Naeem shares his insights and analysis on the latest financial trends, market developments, and investment strategies. He is known for his sharp analytical skills and ability to provide expert commentary on a wide range of topics, including blockchain technologies, fintech, traditional assets, macroeconomics, central bank policies, and artificial intelligence.

In addition to his media appearances, Naeem is a recognized columnist at NASDAQ (US), where he shares his in-depth knowledge and opinions on various financial subjects. He has also previously worked for Forbes (US) for over 5 years, where he contributed valuable insights to the finance community through his writing.

Naeem’s expertise and knowledge are not limited to media and writing. He is also a sought-after guest lecturer at prestigious institutions such as the London School of Economics and the University of Warwick’s Business School, where he imparts his wisdom and experiences to aspiring finance professionals.”

Raul Ramirez

Director de Ventas Broker Taurex


Kuan Lau

Senior Business Development


Kuan Lau, Senior Business Development Specialist en INFINOX, a Money Expo México 2024.
Con una rica combinación de experiencia en finanzas y tecnología, Kuan es una figura clave en la industria Forex.
La variada trayectoria de Kuan, que abarca administración, finanzas, operaciones comerciales y desarrollo de negocios, le proporciona una perspectiva única sobre el mercado financiero.

Jarek Duque

Regional Head of Business Development - LATAM

HF Markets

Experiencia de 4 anos en planificación financiera, mas 10 anos trabajando en la industria de los mercados financieros.Formador de traders con mas de 2300 webinars y 100 seminarios impartidos, desarrollador de negocios en Asia Pacífico y estructurador de equipos de Analisis en 8 idiomas, en Asia y Latam.

Luis Arias

Analista de Mercado para Latinoamerica

FP Markets

Luis Arias, Analista de Mercados para Latinoamerica en FP Markets, es un experto en las economias latinoamericanas. Con una decada de experiencia en macroeconomia, divisas y CFDs, tambien es un experimentado creador de contenidos, enriqueciendo el sector financiero con sus insights.

Rodrigo Martinez

Country Manager


Rodrigo Martinez is the current Country Manager of XM for Colombia. Born in Colombia, I have lived 12 years in Greece and 5 years in Peru. Specialist in the EMEA and LATAM Market. He has a solid 10-years working experience in Fintech, Customer Services, Team Builder, Business Development & Operations.

Andres Uruena

Head of Operation - LATAM

Direct Trading Technologies UK LTD

Andres Uruena, Experto Financiero y Director de Operaciones en Direct Trading Technologies para la region de LATAM. Con una Licencia de Corredor de Bolsa en Panama y 7 anos de experiencia en la industria de los mercados financieros, la experiencia de Uruena abarca mercados globales como forex, materias primas, indices, acciones y criptomonedas.

Alejandro Zelniker

Affiliates Business Strategist LATAM


Graduado universitario en Contaduría Pública y Administración de Empresas, Diplomado internacional en Macroeconomía e intercambio de divisas. Con 7 años de experiencia en la industria del Forex, Alejandro ha colaborado con brokers líderes a nivel mundial. Además de su rol Directivo en Vantage Markets, se destaca como trader basando su operativa en análisis fundamental.

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Venue: Agora Bogotá, Centro de Convenciones, Bogota, Colombia

Date: 15 - 16 May 2024
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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